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The Academy's trainings provide you with the skills, techniques, mindset, and support to develop others and become an expert in this heart-opening and mind-blowing methodology.

You will gain access to our extensive knowledge, creative content, and a global network of certified Points of You® practitioners.

Learn more about Level 1 (Hello Points) and Level 2 (Creative Practice) on this page.

Hello Points Workshop Level 1

This exciting 6-hour training provides an introduction to the Points of You® tools and methodology.

Experience a unique form of communication and dialogue and get inspired by new skills to integrate into your professional know-how.

This program is the first level of our Academy, and upon completion, you become a Points of You® Explorer.

Creative Practice
Level 2

This program is your ticket to becoming a part of our fantastic facilitation network.

As a certified Points of You® Practitioner, you will enhance your skills by participating in the Level 1 (Hello Points) and Level 2 (Creative Practice).


Both workshops are packed with practical and experiential knowledge that can be easily integrated into your professional routine.

Level 1

Hello Points Level 1

What will you learn?

  • Get to know the concept of Points of You®

  • Experience the power of therapeutic photography

  • Effectively work with two Points of You® tools: The Coaching Game and Punctum

  • Get to know visual layout charts and explore various ways of using them


What will you gain from participating?

  • Experience with both tools that create meaningful conversations and authentic dialogues

  • Integration of the tools into your own practice through your own experience of their influence on yourself

  • Lead development processes that are experiential, inspiring, and surprising

  • Create space for pausing, breathing, and getting to know yourself

  • Gain important insights into topics that you are currently dealing with


What is included?


  • 6-hour online workshop (6 CCEUs at the International Coaching Federation)

  • 2 Points of You® tools, if you choose "With Tools": The Coaching Game and Punctum

  • Workshop handbook, creative notebook, special set of cards, and goodie bag

  • Points of You® Explorer certificate


  • Access to our knowledge base and professional resources


  • Workshop conducted in German

  • Tools and participant materials in German (English materials available upon request and subject to availability)

Hello Points Workshop
Level 1 mit 100 Fotokarten
Explorer PoY CY
Centerpiece L1
Tools Level 1
Rollup Banner Level 1
Inspiration L1
Teilnehmerkit Level 1
Unterlagen L1
Explorer Zertifikat

Save Your Spot 
Level 1

Level 2

Creative Practice Level 2

What will you learn?

  • Learn how to implement the Points of You® 4-step methodology in                                                     one-on-one sessions, workshops, meetings, and self-discovery journeys

  • Acquire photo-therapy skills and techniques

  • Learn how to effectively integrate our image- and metaphor-based tools                                                          for various areas, target audiences, and purposes

  • Expand your professional toolkit and learn how to work with all our creative tools to achieve your desired outcomes

  • Learn skills that are useful in many professional situations: creative icebreakers, reflection sessions, feedback processes, and more

  • Learn about our Points of You® layout charts and how to translate our visual process cards into supportive guidance steps in your next workshops


What will you gain by participating?

  • Become a certified facilitator and join our network of certified facilitators to lead official Points of You® workshops

  • We create a safe space that encourages you to let go of worries that hold you back and opens doors to new possibilities

  • Connect and network with people who will help you grow personally and professionally

  • More than 8 methods and processes for immediate use for yourself or with others


What is included?

  • 2 Points of You® Tools: Faces and Flow

  • Workshop manual, inspirational notebook, exclusive card sets, a goodie bag, and a canvas bag

  • Access to our amazing knowledge database and professional resources, including a 2-hour digital course - 'How To Facilitate Hello Points Workshop'

  • Once you have met the certification requirements, you will receive the official title - Points of You® Practitioner

  • Participation certificate and 24 CCEUs from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)



  • Workshop conducted in German

  • Participant materials are in German language too

  • Faces and Flow are in English but will be delivered with German stickers

Level 2 Creative Practice Workshop
Gruppenarbeit L2
Level 2 Kit
What Why How
Potential Me
L2 Atmosphäre
Faces Centerpiece
Creative Practice
Kreativität L2
Self-Work Man
Faces for Leadership
L2 Group

Save Your Spot
Level 2

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